SOM Mental Health 360º is a digital platform arising out of the desire to become a national and international benchmark in mental health issues.

The initiative aims to build a new ecosystem of relations among all the stakeholders involved, with an inclusive 360-degree vision that involves healthcare, social work and education professionals alongside users, families, support groups and associations. An environment that is built on the values of hospitality, respect, solidarity and recognition of the importance of others, their feelings and their experiences.

The aim of the digital mental health platform is to share the knowledge and experience of everyone involved to provide the public with digital services and resources that support, empower, inform, raise awareness and promote mental health. Content that is guided at all times by quality, rigour, innovation and ethics.

This pioneering project is an initiative by San Joan de Déu, providing society with the knowledge of its professionals through a co-creation process involving associations and different social and health care institutions.

We insist that people are the centre of health and social care and have the right to access accurate, evidence-based information that empowers them to make decisions on their own health and emotional well-being.

We are mental health in all its 360 degrees.